Community Cultural Center of Tonasket was created by our community for our community!

Community Cultural Center of Tonasket

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Operations is a broad category, but no less important than any other.  It includes everything from paying staff, to keeping the lights on, to building a solid financial reserve. 
Wow!  Have you seen our beautiful façade?  Thanks to all who have donated their vision, their green energy, their time, and their energy to make this happen!
Have you seen the incredible progress on the kitchen project, achieved through members’ contributions since this appeal was posted here?  The new scullery room is a dream come true!  Beautiful and efficiently organized, it freed up space in the kitchen area for another countertop and solved some serious tableware storage issues.   Contributions are still needed for our next targets, which are:
  • a roll-up door to separate the kitchen from the front room so that it can be used by back room events while the front room is available for another meeting
  • an upgrade to the under-counter storage (drawers and cupboard doors)
  • a cabinet above the baking table
  • a heat sensor for the hood fan
  • down the road:
    • a commercial dishwasher
    • a better commercial refrigerator
A lot of volunteers work in this kitchen to serve delicious meals and refreshments at events — this effort is making it easier and more efficient for them and everyone!
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