James Moore - Board President

James has made his home in the Okanogan Highlands since 1981 and in Tonasket since 2009, he joined the CCC board in the summer of 2015, and became president that November. He also has sat on the Okanogan County Tourist Council board since 2012.

Currently James works as an artist/writer and is a co-owner with his wife Carol of Opti-Mystic Arts.


Jean Pfeifer - Vice President

Jean Has been a part of the Community Cultural Center since 2009. She retired to the Tonasket area after working as a nurse for 37 years. Jean says she has always been a volunteer and now loves doing things for the CCC. She is also active at the North Valley Hospital as a Commissioner. This role allows her to stay involved in health care and serve the community.

Jean lives with her dog, Moki north of town and has a large yard with lots of gardening needs, but she loves it and it keeps her busy.


Sarah Gelineau - Board Member

Sarah Gelineau has served as Treasurer of the Board since 2013 where she's been able to put some of her previous experience working as a project manager to use, in addition to serving on other Boards, including a federal credit union.

She and her husband Paul live in Aeneas Valley.


Brian Sanderson - Board Member

I have lived just outside Tonasket for a little over 10 years with my wife of 46 years, Teresa.

During this time we have been involved in one way or another, with activities at the Community Cultural Center. About three years ago, I was approached to become a Board member which I eagerly accepted and went through the process that allowed me that privilege and have been on this Board for approximately two years.

Before we moved to Tonasket in 2008, I was employed with The Boeing Company for 30 years. My mantra during those years was "Out alive at 55" and I succeeded in accomplishing that. I retired in 2008 and have never looked back.
While with Boeing, I worked on several programs which included missiles, rockets, telescopes, graphite composites, electronics, military and commercial aircraft. I also held an FAA Repairman License.
My work required travel to many places far and wide. I have lived in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands and several locations throughout the United States. My last assignment that required moving was to Fort Greely Alaska, vacation spot of the world (not) but, enjoyable (Tonasket winters have nothing on FG).

During these travels I had the pleasure to meet people of many cultures and ethnic backgrounds, worked with many and developed my appreciation of all people. That is what I enjoy most about the CCC, the diversification we share. I would like to see more of this as we move forward and have been proud of the direction that I have seen while on this Board.

Teresa and I enjoy travel and have visited some really nice and fascinating places. In addition to the places mentioned, we have been to Costa Rica, Kenya and many islands in the Bahamas chain.

My latest assignment within the CCC, is to be the chairperson of the kitchen committee. I have been assisting with improving the safety and comfort of those working in the kitchen and scullery. Our wonderful volunteers, who offer to help every time we have an event accompanied with a dinner, are very important to the success of the CCC and deserve to be safe and comfortable.


Sarah Kaiser - Board Member

Sarah Kaiser moved to the Havillah area with her husband Walter Henze In 1976, a few weeks after they got married. They both dreamed of practicing rural medicine, raising a family and being involved in community activities......and all that came true in Tonasket.

Sarah delights in volunteering at the CCC whether that means sweeping the floors, painting walls, directing community theater or serving on the board.


Rob Thompson - Board Member

I am originally from East Tennessee. I have lived in the Tonasket area for many years with my wife Melanie Thornton. I enjoy the mix of cultures in our area, and I am happy to live in this wonderful and fragile part of the Earth.

I enjoy skiing and hiking.


Phil Gleason - Board Member

I was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1947. My family moved first to Iowa and then to Southern California. After High School I attempted College several times, finally dropping out to pursue a life filled more of physical adventures than academic discipline. While tripping around the Sierra Mountains, I met my wife Sandy.

We settled in the Okanogan County in 1973, having migrated from central California with a new born child. We were part of a sizeable population of young people who, at that time, were leaving the cities of America in search of a simpler more organic life in the rural countryside. With a second child, we lived in the back woods of Aeneas Valley for ten years, and then moved into the town of Tonasket. I went back to college to pursue a career in nursing.

A few years ago, after retiring from thirty years of nursing in Okanogan County, I was looking for something to do with my new "free" time. I was looking for some way to pay back the community that had supported me all these years and provided me with a comfortable life style. I have been to many events at the Community Center, but really didn't know anything about its origin, or how it worked. A friend suggested I volunteer and check it out. I was amazed at what this facility does, and what it provides, and what it is capable of providing for the community.

That is why I joined the Board, to contribute as best I can to the Community Cultural Center and its mission statement.


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